Ken Makes Flutes

Ken Talaga, who lives in Sharon, Wisconsin, has a workshop where he makes unique flutes. He also has a selling site with Etsy called Nothos Natural Music.

Here's some information from the Etsy site:

"Nothos Natural Music was started after I began making wood flutes. During the 25 years of playing various types of wood flutes I held a fascination and curiosity with how they were made. Eventually I found books and references on how to make them. I've studied these various books and references and now with a decent wood working shop I've stepped into the role of being a flute maker. After a fair amount of success with my other etsy store;, opening a new store seemed natural. For me, making wood flutes is very enjoyable. There's something primitive and cathartic about taking pieces of wood and shaping the wood into something resembling a flute, and then finding the true tones or sounds within the wood pieces. Nothing that I've found yet compares to it. It's humbling. There's always something new to learn with making flutes, it's constantly evolving and I like that. The other part of what I do is record original music. I wouldn't call myself a professional musician. I'm just a guy who enjoys making music that I find hard to fit into a music category. I mix, edit and master the various tracks that make a song. And like flute making, there is always more to learn with the mixing and mastering process of the recorded tracks. You can find a few of my songs at"

Alder and Maple Flute
Alder and Maple Flute D Minor
black walnut and maple flute
Black Walnut and Maple Flute A Minor
Native American Style Flute
Native American Style Wood Flute
Cedar Branch Style Flute
Cedar Branch Style Flute