Come to the Flute Circle

A Brief Introduction

Woodland Spirit Flute Circle was founded in March of 2009. Since then we continue to spread the awareness and enjoyment of this soothing, spiritual and healing music.

photo of Glen playing a flute

Woodland Spirit Flute Circle is an informal group of people who share an interest in Native American flutes as well as other types of flutes and simple, traditional rhythm instuments.

We meet once a week to enjoy playing and listening, teaching and learning, and having fun together. We welcome anyone from all levels of musicianship including beginners, advanced and everything in between. Beginners need not own a flute. You can use one of ours to get started and make use of advice and tips to select the right first flute for you.

One does not need to be able to read music to play the Native American flute. Mostly, we play the songs that are in our hearts, the songs of our spirits, songs of the moment. But we also teach a system called tablature, that is easier to learn and use than reading music and which allows one to learn a wide variety of songs. No one here judges the progress of others. We all start as beginners and advance at our own pace. Participation is what is important, not competition.

directions_car From Highway 14 / West Virginia Street:

Turn southwest onto Dole Avenue (that would be a right turn if you are heading southeast, or a left turn if you are heading northwest). Travel one block south to the first intersection (Pierson Street), turn right. Travel one block. Pierson Street then becomes Woodland Drive. It is marked with stone pillars on either side of the street. Continue on Woodland Drive to the third curve. The house is a steely greyish blue with white trim but all you will see from the street is a fire hydrant (on the left side of the driveway) and the garage. #606.

Come and join the music!

fast_forward No notice required. Just show up between 7 and 9 pm on Wednesday. fast_rewind

You can borrow a flute to give it a try. We have several easy-to-play flutes.

Joining the mailing list will get you a notice of any cancellations, changes of venue and maybe even some special events.

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